Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Deer are starting to bleat. Time to start watching for bucks.

Be careful of what a love of cycling might lead you towards. Thanks Kimbo.

I need to edit my list of bike clothes for all weather to adjust it down a couple degrees per category. I dunno, maybe the fact that I'm riding more has changed my metabolism to the point that I can take cooler temperatures...

I love it when the temperatures get cooler; I've got the path, practically, to myself. I only saw two other cyclists this morning during the 17 miles into the office.

Last night I attended perhaps the most enjoyable high school concert I've ever been to. Mark Wood (of TSO) teamed up with the school's orchestra in a not so typical strings concert. The guy has a heart for encouraging kids to play strings and what better way than to put on a rock concert with the kids as the stars? He rotated 6 kids at a time to the front of the stage to strap on one of his electric violins or cellos. Most telling for me, Curtis (my 12 year old) took his Nintendo DS and never turned it on. He was as pumped about the concert as everyone else in the packed theater.

Special props to my wife, who helped get the school's theater lighting system up to snuff for an incredible rock concert. Oh, and I have to admit I have a new found appreciation for the music of Metalica...

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