Friday, October 24, 2008

Stop 3

Temperature at departure = 42° F (6° C)

Another one of the things drivers hate about cyclists is that they don't seem to pay any attention to red lights.

Yesterday morning, JLT and I pulled up to the intersection at 103rd and Metcalf and watched as close to 20 cars east-bound on 103rd ran the light after it turned red. As I headed home and pulled up to the same light - 10 east-bound cars ran that red light as well. This morning I decided to take my camera along.

Unfortunately, by the time I started recording, the light had already turned red and I missed catching the first light runner. Still ... I count 11 red light runners here.


karen said...

Wow. Aren't there cameras at that intersection?

Yokota Fritz said...

It's a good thing licensing drivers and registering cars completely eliminates illegal behavior like this!

karen said...

Hi Warren! Have you been riding this week?
Wow, isn't the weather GREAT?!!

Peter said...

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