Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Random Sidewalk Factoid

Seen this morning while walking the dog. Yes, I know, it should be spelled "Caterpillars make chrysalises." I like it the way it is (especially with the heart).

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

99th closed at Marty

I took this one day before they shut down 99th street at Marty (just one block west of Metcalf). Proof that there are more bikes out on the road this year than I've ever seen before. If you can't make it out, there was a bike stopped at the red light heading west, a bike on the path heading north and I was on my bike waiting on the light heading east. I had to get photographic evidence...

There are a couple of you who read my blog that occasionally use 99th. It is going to be out of commission here for another month, adding 2 miles to any of my rides to the east. Alternate routes for bikes are 91st, 101st or 103rd (to the bike path). Not really very convenient. For the time being, I'm riding north, south and west.