Monday, April 30, 2012

New Closure on the Tomahawk Creek Trail

During this morning's ride I chanced upon these newly planted signs declaring a closure on the Tomahawk Creek Trail. These signs are actually still on the Indian Creek Trail side of the 111th street underpass. I talked to one of the crew that were setting up some of the orange plastic fencing around Tomahawk Parkway North Pond and they said that the trail would probably be closed tomorrow unless they are  delayed by rain. He said they're going to be re-routing part of the path away from the creek. Here's why...

Recent rains have further eroded the bank of the creek to within a foot of the existing path. He also said that the closure would probably be in place through June. So, my best guess is that the trail will be closed from the point where the ICT and TCT meet, just south of 111th, all the way to around 114th and Tomahawk Creek Parkway. Fortunately, Tomahawk Creek Parkway will be a wonderful detour since there are so many cyclists that ride on it regularly.