Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So, I'm taking a few days off. Work has been busy and we've had a lot going on around the house. I have managed to get out on my bike a bit, but nothing very interesting has happened.

I'm toying with the idea of doing a podcast a couple times a week. Thanks to Fritz for pointing me to a host. For those of you who visit here, you can get a preview of things to come by going to my new website.

There is a lot I'm not happy with at the moment. The template is cheesy. I am too thrifty and honest to use someone else's music (hence the rather quick and dirty use of my bike's bell and youngest son's xylophone...). I need to figure out my console. Etc., etc., etc.

Any way. Stay tuned for more.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ten Miles of Bliss

Temperature at departure = 78° F (26° C)

This has been a difficult week. Work has been busier than usual and we had the folk at Olshan come back to do a warranty repair on our foundation (which is incredibly stressful in many, many ways). When I finally got a chance to take my lunch hour today, I had to get out and ride.

I present to you: Warren's Ten Mile Therapy Ride

Friday, May 01, 2009

Your Warren T is NOT about to expire

Temperature at departure 53°F (12°C)

Today promises to be a busy day at work and this weekend is going to be non-stop work on the house getting ready for the foundation guys on Monday. I debated jumping in early. Then, I glanced over at the kitchen table and saw the cover for this month's Scouting magazine.

All Work And No Play... True, I really needed to play for a bit this morning. So I took a ride, staying off the bike paths because they are likely to be a mess after yesterday's heavy rains. All the drivers were polite. I saw some other cyclists and we all waved at each other. There weren't any major infractions of traffic laws. We all played nice. Missing was all the stuff that would make for an interesting post.

Anyway, I probably shouldn't post this since blogger recently blocked my access - thinking that I was a spam blog. I was only blocked for a day ... but some key words here might push it over the limit.

I like to play along with the robo-calls about the factory warranty on my car expiring. Whenever I get them I press 1 and just see how long the person that answers can put up with me. Now, I see that I could make this a fairly lucrative home-base business. That's right, you too can make fabulous money "working" from home just waiting for these calls to come in.

Here is a wonderful post that details on how one person tracked down the actual company that makes the calls.

The key part here is...

“Some states permit you to file law suits in state court against persons or entities violating the do-not-call rules. You may be awarded $500 in damages or actual monetary loss, whichever is greater. The amount may be tripled if you are able to show that the caller violated the rules willfully and knowingly. Filing a complaint with the FCC does not prevent you from also bringing a suit in state court”

Hmmm. I wonder if they'd just write us a check for $300 and call it good?