Thursday, October 09, 2008

My Alternative Fuel

Temperature at departure = 52° F (11° C)

From General Bike Pix

This nutritious breakfast provides 490 calories, the fuel for 8.6 miles if I'm riding an average of 13 MPH.


karen said...

I LOVE the cooler weather too! And, thanks to you and Noah, I rode last winter one morning after we'd had 4 inches of snow. It was so much fun, and no harder than driving a car in 4 inches of snow. I usually only miss two total weeks not riding in the winter... Riding is my default setting, unless it's substantially below 20, or the wind is strong, or it's icy. Which takes out about 2 weeks a winter. I was always afraid to ride in the snow, until I read how you handle it. It is fun. And not that hard. So Thanks!!

David Hogeboom said...

Power up! What kind of Pop Tarts you chewing on?

Warren T said...

Frosted blueberry. It's always frosted blueberry.