Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Of Rainy Days, Reading and Robots

Another rainy day so I drove. I suppose in the future I could just have a robot ride to work for me...

Being a rainy, gray day, it is perfect stay inside and read weather. In the September edition of Scouting magazine (the adult version of Boy's Life) there is a wonderful article about getting boys to read. There is a quote from Jon Sciezka, author of The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales, regarding fellow author Gary Paulsen: "He understands that, for a good book, you need weaponry and vehicles. Or you need to be out in the middle of nowhere and just have your hatchet to survive."

For over 20 years I've said that there are three criteria for a good movie - a chase sceen, heavy weapons and a body falling from great heigths. Now, I have a new way to evaluate the worthiness of a book; does it have weaponry and vehicles?


karen said...

I'm looking forward to my first frosty ride to work this fall this morning! How about you??? We'll have the paths to ourselves!

Warren T said...

I love riding in this weather! And you are right, the drop in temperatures (and, perhaps, gas prices) meant that I only saw one other person during my ride in this morning.