Wednesday, October 08, 2008

More Construction on Indian Creek Trail

Temperature at departure = 41° F (5° C)

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The Indian Creek Trail is torn up from just east of Metcalf to where the path runs under 103rd. I met a guy out walking that I say "Hi" to just about every morning and he said that they're straightening it out and have taken out a few trees in the attempt to keep the roots from damaging the pavement.

Yeah, I guess it needed to be done, and there is a work-around; use the cross-walk to get to the southeast corner of 103rd and Metcalf and carefully make your way through the Wal-Mart parking lot to the Prairie Life Center parking lot and you can pick up the path just south of the 103rd street bridge.

There are now three places along the Indian Creek/Tomahawk Creek Trail where the path is gone. Two of these are easily bypassed. The missing section just west of Mission road is a deal breaker.

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Here is a map of the three sites where the pass has been torn up. The city has been pretty busy re-paving some of the sections that have been rippled by tree roots. I can put up with the imposition for a bit, knowing that the end result will be a nicer ride.

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