Monday, September 29, 2008

Slow Ride

Temperature at departure = 65° F (18° C)

This morning's ride is the first time I've ridden solely for transportation in a long time. The rain from early this morning left the streets and bike path wet. That means it is time to slow way down. If you try to ride over the thin layer of mud that the rain combined with dust on the trail creates at anything other than a perfect 90° angle -- you're going down.

The chorus from this song kept running through my mind for more than half the ride.

Man, I've gotta get some fenders.


Noah said...

I'm missing my rear fender, too. It broke last week so I took off the broken portion... and had a butt stripe even after my short jaunt to the bus.

I'm right there with ya. The driving wind and rain made for a commute that was decidedly "basic transportation" without much "fun" to redeem it.

karen said...

I really sympathize... I didn't leave until 7:25, so the rain had stopped here. And I was VERY careful on the mud.

Josh Mitchell said...


What tire size are you running? I've got an unused set of Bontrager Approved Fenders, in black (I think the smaller size, though I'm honestly not sure... the bike shop did the initial install when I bought the bike...), that I'd let go for the low low price of simply picking them up (and maybe a cup of coffee).

The reason I'm not using them is that I upped my Soho S to 700 x 35C Marathon Supremes... and... well... there's basically no clearance between the forks now.

I've got some ideas on how to some other fenders work... but I've still got to figure it out.

Anyhow, their yours if you want them.