Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Catching Up

While I've got a couple minutes to myself, I'll post a couple of things I meant to put up Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.

From General Bike Pix

Here is a shot of the scout 25 mile ride from this last Saturday. I took them on my normal loop. We only got 4 boys and one other adult to go this time but we had beautiful weather. Took twice as long as I normally make the trip, but it was twice the fun.

From General Bike Pix

From General Bike Pix

Looks like I may have to find a temporary detour in the near future. It will be worth it to get one of those bridges set up across the creek where they now just have a raised section of concrete.

One last thought, with gas prices coming down, so have the number of other cyclists I see on the way in to work. 5 on Monday, 4 on Tuesday. However, the number of people out for recreational rides after work is way up. Gotta run. The kitchen needs cleanin' and I've got to come up with something to fix for dinner.


karen said...

I'm finally back online... but I've been riding all along to work. It sure is fun. I don't want all the drivers to find out how much fun we have riding our bikes to work.

Warren T said...

Glad to see you've gotten a little bit of time to surf. You've been quite busy. I appreciate your keeping us up to date on E's site. You are a great mom ... and, yes, it is fun - even with drivers around.