Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Temperature at departure = 48° F (9° C)

I decided to run a couple errands this morning and was only a couple blocks away when I realized that I'd left without my helmet and ankle straps.  Oh well, thought I, there are plenty of people who ride without helmets (some are almost militant in their non-helmet wearing).

I made it to the post office, dropped my mail in the box and headed back home to get my helmet.  I just felt funny not having it on.  It's like forgetting to wear a seat belt ... it just feels weird.  So I made it home, got my gear and headed back out.  As you can see above, the leaves are starting to change which is part of why fall is so wonderful on the bike path.  Here is the flip side...

The path becomes covered in leaves, sticks, acorns, walnuts, etc.  You just need to pay a little more attention.  Anyway, another great start to the day.

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karen said...

Isn't this fall particularly beautiful?!