Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lonely Ride

Temperature at departure = 37° F (3° C)

[Okay, here is what I was thinking of posting this morning prior to almost having a sheet of plywood dropped on me...]

As I was riding to work this morning, two songs kept running through my mind:

I'm not sure if it was the drop in temperature or the drop in gas prices, but there was no one else out on the path during my ride in.  I love riding in colder weather.


karen said...

Wow, I'm SO glad you're o.k!!! That was scary, I'm sure!
I too enjoyed the beautiful ride this morning... Question: Where did you get the ear protection that fits under your helmet? My ears get cold! I eventually move to wearing conventional ear muffs under it, but it's a really tight squeeze, and I look really silly.

Warren T said...

I think I got mine at JC Penneys for around 10 bucks. Plain, old wrap-around ear muffs.