Monday, December 01, 2008

Black Friday Ride

Temperature at departure = 29° F (-2° C)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  

Peter was home from school and we took advantage of the one nice day in the forecast (Friday) to go out and ride a section of the Haller trail.  We rode from Shawnee Mission park north to Nelson Island.

Here we paused a couple minutes to watch some gulls.  I'm still amazed that there are gulls in Kansas.

Proof that I was there.  Shortly after taking this picture I snapped the cable for my front brake. Made for an interesting ride back.

That's the Kaw on the right.

Riding up hills without reliable brakes is easy.  Riding down hills is a different story.  I had to walk down the hill right after taking this shot because there is a sharp right turn that would have caused me some serious pain.

Since we were close to the Trek Store, we stopped by real quick so I could see how long it would take them to get brake shoes in and installed.  They were able to fix my bike on the spot -- took about 15 minutes.  I was a bit surprised that on Black Friday there were no other customers.  I asked a couple of the staff if they'd been busy and they said no.  I suggested they open at 5 in the morning like the other stores.  Yeah, that got a laugh.

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