Friday, November 21, 2008

Mild Panic

Temperature at departure = 18° F (-8° C)

I approached my bike to get something out of the trunk bag yesterday afternoon and noticed that my rear blinky was GONE!  I had it clipped to the back of the bag and should have known better.  

I have to admit that I had a sinking feeling knowing that I'd be riding home in the dark without the blinky.  Sure, I had my reflective jacket and ankle straps ... but I was worried.  A co-worker came to my rescue.  During his lunch hour, he made a trip to Wal-Mart and, knowing the predicament I was in, bought me a little stick-on triangle with LED lights that flash.  The think is advertised as something that could be stuck to the back of your helmet or bike seat.  No way it would fit on either in my case, so I stuck it to the back of my little under the seat gadget bag.  It is just far enough above the trunk bag as to be visible.

I think it did more for my piece of mind than it actually did as an attention getter, but what a nice gesture.  

So, this morning I kept my eyes peeled but never saw my blinky.  I may make another sweep during lunch but am resigned to the fact that I now need to get a replacement for both the Mendota and Bucephalus.

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Yokota Fritz said...

That reminds me -- I removed my bike lights to change the batteries out!