Thursday, December 04, 2008

Failed Preconception

Temperature at departure = 20° F (-7° C)

Prior to leaving the house I thought I'd be making a comment here about how temperatures of 20° or below would be the reason I skip riding the 3 extra, just for fun, miles on my way into work.  When I got to the turn off for the office, I was still nice and warm and the sun was shining, hardly a cloud in the sky and no one else on the path.  I guess the cut off is going to have to be lower than 20°...

Pay no attention to the following; I've noticed that Adwords has been a little confused about what this blog is about, so in order to try to get things back on track:

Bicycle, bike, bikes, commute, ride, Overland Park, Kansas, Kansas City.

There, that ought to do it.  Oh, wait:

Awesome, manly.



Noah said...

I've noticed a lot of car-related ads on mine. A pox those who assume every site about "commuting" and "transportation" deserves to show their car adverts.

karen said...

I enjoyed my ride today, however my right ear didn't. It got cold... I can't figure out why. Oh wait, it was facing north on the last half mile home!