Monday, December 15, 2008


I'm sitting here moping about not being able to get out and ride this morning so I could break my low temperature record of 5° by a degree. I'm sure there will be other opportunities in the months to come. In preparation for a trip to Dallas, I decided to work from home so I could pack, etc. while waiting for calls.

The other reason for some sourness is the loss (possibly) of my snow bike. Friday, while on the ride home, the back barrel that is welded to the back sprocket broke when I leaned into the pedals for a bit of a burst uphill. I've not contacted the folk at XYZ Bikes yet -- I will wait to pass final judgment until then. However, it is starting to look like this $100 bike may be the most expensive bike I've ever ridden. Why? In the slightly less than one year that I've had it, I've only really put 123 miles on it. Factoring in a new inner tube and shipping ... this bike may cost $1 per mile to operate. Doing the math it looks like my Trek has cost me less than 25 cents per mile and is in great shape. So, I'll send XYZ a note later this week and see what can be done. I don't want to ride my other bikes in the snow and gunk and the XYZ is a blast in that stuff.

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karen said...

So sorry to hear about the bike. From just being outside for 45 minutes this morning, it was an extremely painful morning... no morning for a bike ride. My electric truck batteries weren't too happy either. Bike bearings would have frozen up in pretty short order. My brother recounts riding to work at 20 below zero one morning when working in Steamboat Springs at Moots Cyclery. He ended up dragging his bike most of the way after his bearings froze solid. A day by the fireplace unfroze them.
Have fun this week in Dallas!