Friday, May 02, 2008

Ill Advised

Temperature at departure = 55° F (13° C)

Since we had rather severe weather overnight, I checked the forecast this morning prior to deciding whether or not to ride my bike. If you commute by bike in Overland Park, or anywhere for that matter, you do the same... - Mostly cloudy today (no rain in the forecast).
KMBZ-AM (using Channel 9's meteorologist) - The rain is over.
Channel 4 - The rain is out of here.

It looked like the streets were drying out, so I headed towards the high school to drop off a check and then continue on into work.

Of course, when I left the school building to retrieve my bike from the otherwise empty rack, it was raining lightly. I pulled out onto 107th, headed towards Lamar when a wind gust blew me off the road and into the gutter. I decided against riding the rest of the way in traffic (which had been my intention) and headed towards my beloved Indian Creek Trail.

The ride was a slow one. There were several areas where the water covered the trail by a couple inches; thank goodness for disk brakes. So, this is the first time in my adult life where I've ridden in the rain. Wasn't a bad ride, but if I'm going to do it again I'm going to need to find some different gear.

Oh, one last thing -- even though the weather wasn't optimal, I was joined at two different stop signs by other bike commuters. They both commented on my $0.00 9/10 patch. Anecdotal evidence indicates that there are more people in my area commuting by bicycle.


Noah said...

I still think ∞MPG makes more sense.

Warren T said...

Or, 53 MPB (Miles Per Burrito) also available at the Zerp Per Gallon site: