Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Zero Per Gallon

I can't remember when I first saw the Zero Per Gallon site, but Fritz recently posted about it and his picture prompted me to get my own patch for my backpack. I ordered and my iron on patch arrived quicker than I expected. I finally got a chance to iron it on last night -- here it is.

One other note, if you read Jonny's blog you'll see it mentioned -- but I loved that he stamped his envelope with "Goat Free." I actually enjoyed pondering what the postal carrier must have thought... As I am fond of saying: you gotta make your own fun. The patches are only $5 dollars and I'm looking forward to the conversations that it will generate.


Fritz said...

Johnny's whole anti-goat theme is kinda funny.

The patch does indeed generate a lot of comments!

Anonymous said...

0/gallon should be 0.00 0/10. I don't see why they kept the 9/10.