Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rationalizations Pt. 3

It looks like a beautiful morning -- but I didn't ride today, I drove. The forecast is calling for the second half of the system that gave us torrential rains yesterday to come through again sometime this afternoon. Yesterday was a mess. I'd driven then too. I left work to go home and get some rain gear for my youngest because he was scheduled for safety patrol. The creeks were all up over their normal banks and almost to the point that Indian Creek was going to flow over the bridge in Corporate Woods. I got the rain gear, headed up to school and waited outside in the storm (shades of this last Saturday). Safety patrol was called off due to lightning, but we needed the gear anyway to walk to where I'd parked the van. By the way, they did postpone the marching festival for a week. Whew. My other reason for not riding today is that I know the condition of the trail next to the creek will be a mess of mud and debris today - and probably for a couple more days. I'll skip the mess today but will be dodging mud tomorrow like I mentioned the other day ... I must be going through cycling withdrawals.

Today I actually turned on the radio in the car. Weird, I thought I'd gotten over the radio bug years ago but this morning I found myself reminiscing about the good old days of being a disk jockey. Yeah, for a while there it was a lot of fun. The feeling of missing the gig didn't last long; I remembered that the business has changed too much and isn't as fun as it used to be. My last on-air job a couple years ago (granted, it was part-time) was mostly voicetracking, not live on-air work. Also, the pay was never great, the hours were frequently not conducive to family life, there were hardly any benefits and you never knew for sure if you'd have a job next week or not. Flashback to 1992 where I was fired from station 1 due to a management change, quit station 2 after a format change and almost downsized from station 3 due to an ownership change. Station 3 went through 3 different owners within the space of one year. Okay, the feeling is gone again. I'm still dealing with radio day in and day out -- just the technological side of the business -- and I've been in a stable job for ~ 15 years. I think I'll keep doing what I'm doing.


Fritz said...

We've had some rain this week, but we don't get the heavy rain in California like you Midwesterners do. It's more like a heavy mist usually, or at most a light drizzle.

(working from home today...)

Warren T said...

So did you commute by stationary bike?