Thursday, October 25, 2007


Temperature at departure = 38° F (3° C)

Lovely. Nice ride this morning, very busy day at work, I carry the Mendota down the stairs at the end of the day and out the door, set it down ... another flat rear tire. I knew there wasn't going to be anyone home to come pick me up so I grabbed the hand pump from my backpack and pumped the tire back up. Looks like yet another slow leak so I was going to be good for a couple miles. So much for heading over to see Dad after work.

Five minutes into my ride home my work cell phone starts ringing. I'm on call this week so I answer and take the message; I didn't recognize the station's call letters so I would have to wait until I got home so I could get on-line to make sure they were a real customer. I got half way home and stopped to top off the air in the tire when the phone rang again. Another station off the air. I made it home ten minutes later and got both stations back up and running in time to get the one child that was home fed, pick up another to take him for a haircut, stop by and see Dad on the way and arrive at the hair place to find out they closed a half hour earlier. Back home, feed two more people and here I am.

So, I've got two bikes down with flat rear tires. If get ambitious I'll get up early and fix a couple tubes and try it all again tomorrow. If I sleep late, I'm sorry folk, I'll be driving.

I don't get it, I went for twenty some years without a flat and now they're coming fast and furious. Frustrating.


Jason said...

Are you a radio engineer, Warren? I spent most of my career thus far behind the mic (or behind a desk) in radio, too.


Jason Crane | The RocBike Review
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Warren T said...

I was on-air from 1978 to 2003. That time included a PD stint or two, etc., etc. I have to admit that I went part-time on-air back in 1992 when I took my current full-time gig working for the company that created the DCS (DOS) and Maestro systems for radio stations.

That company has gone through a few ownership changes since 2000 -- but, hey, we're in radio so we're used to that...