Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Change of Scenery

Temperature at departure = 48° F (9° C)

Nice, crisp temperature for this morning's ride. I love this time of year. Only a couple of negatives -- Saturday's thunderstorms caused Indian Creek to rise high enough to cover most of the spots where the bike path passes underneath the street with ~ 3 inches of mud. The mud is still there and forced me to climb up on, and walk across a railroad tie retaining wall to get around it. No biggie, kind of breaks the routine a little.

I also decided to change my route and ride up College Blvd from Metcalf to Antioch. Yeah, it was a change: one mile with an average upwards grade of 3% -- maximum grade 10% -- in heavy traffic. I do have to admit that the half mile down hill from Antioch to Indian Creek Parkway was fun with an average downwards grade of 5% -- maximum grade of 16%. Had it not been for the traffic I am sure I would have said Wheeeeee at some point. It was a nice change, but I will be back on the path tomorrow! Oh, did I mention the heavy traffic?

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Noah said...

I've ridden College both ways in various levels of traffic before. Note: Never try going eastbound toward Antioch at about 6:00PM. Yeeesh!