Friday, October 19, 2007

Morning Adventure

Temperature at departure = 49° F (9° C)

Well, it was an adventure this morning. As I had expected, the creeks did overflow and there were some sections close to the creek where the mud was too deep to go through and there was no way to get past. A lot of plan B this morning. Also, I think Overland Park Parks and Recreation owes me for all the limbs I stopped to move off the path. There was one that was stuck across the path under 103rd, after a blind downhill curve, in the dark; the thing was at least 12 feet long and 10" around at the base. As it turns out, it was lucky that I stopped to move it -- just past the limb the mud looked to be about 8" deep with no way around to the left or right. I backtracked and found a crosswalk that ultimately got me back to a clearer part of the path.

Of course, the construction workers are using the detour across Metcalf for parking again. I'll stop taking pictures of this because it is just going to be a fact of life until they get the bridge built.

Now, the positive side of all this was that I got my Trek back from the shop. I have to let you know that the service I received at The Trek Store was the best bike service I've ever had. I've taken the Trek in to the store where I bought it and waited two weeks for the free "tune up" that comes with purchasing the bike there -- just to get it back and not see or feel anything different about it from before I took it in. I paid a bit this time but when they wheeled the bike out it looked and rode like a brand new bike. It is certainly happy and so am I. Great shop. Clean, well organized, timely and great service.

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