Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Duck Season, Wabbit Season

Temperature at departure = 62° F (17° C)

I don't know what possessed me to take a short hop over to 95th between Metcalf and Nall, but I did. As I was headed to the east the SUV in front of me rolled over a pair of mallards. The male and female looked dazed, but not seriously hurt as I slowed down a bit so I wouldn't hit them. This did not improve the mood of Mr. Furious in the SUV behind me.

Temperature rising, vision blurring, rage taking over ... he summoned his super powers and HONKED HIS HORN! Yeah, that taught me a lesson by golly. Anyways, the ducks moved off to the sidewalk and I smiled and waved to the driver as I turned the corner on Lamar. I'm sure he was thinking of a great comeback...

Back on the path and I was dodging rabbits right and left -- along with wild turkey and woodchucks. Weird morning.

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