Thursday, May 15, 2008

Overland Park Bike to Work Week Continues

Temperature at departure = 54° F (12° C)

I made it to Overland Park's second 2008 Bike to Work Week breakfast and got to put a star next to my name from yesterday's list. For tomorrow's I'll put a check-mark... As I rolled up I got the chance to meet Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator for KC, MO Deb Ridgway (on the left), the guy who one the recent GoByBike challenge, Lisa Cox who works for the City of Overland Park & is (I believe) heading up the OP side of things as well as another bike commuter. I'm sorry I didn't get all the names. By the time I'd grabbed some breakfast, a pouch made from recycled bike inner tubes and talked with the others, two more commuters came by. I must say it was a real pleasure getting to meet Deb -- who is an incredibly nice gal who sincerely knows her stuff and Lisa who is also very personable and may have to work with my son this summer.

I can't really count the people at the breakfast as commuters encountered on the road/path during my commute because they weren't riding at the time. Today's count of other bike commuters = 0. So far this week I've met up with 5 and all of those were during yesterday's ride which I extended by an extra 18 miles. [sigh]

Thanks again to everyone who is working on these Bike to Work Week events in Overland Park. Here's hoping for a big finish tomorrow.

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