Saturday, February 10, 2007

Wonderful Day

Temperature at departure = 27° F (-3° C)

As a follow-up to a previous post, Peter and I got to take our ride today. We went 16.5 miles round trip with a stop in the middle at the Daily Dose for a hot beverage. Lots of adventure as several icy patches tried their best to hinder us. That turned out to be a lot of fun though; had some good laughs at ourselves.
It was a beautiful, sunny day and I enjoyed some one-on-one time with Peter. Conversation, exercise, coffee, adventure -- the best afternoon of the year so far!
Our average MPH was only 9.4, but there were several times we had to stop and walk over the really bad patches of ice. All but about a mile, perhaps a mile and a half was on the bike path. The hill going up Quivera was a challenge from 127th to 135th -- but a LOT of fun on the way back where we were moving along at 25 MPH without any pedalling. After we got home I made a big pot of chili which the boys snarfed down. Like I said, great day.

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