Thursday, February 22, 2007

Proud Papa

Temperature at departure = 38° F (3° C)

Let me brag about my 14 year-old for a moment. He has always been an incredible musician. Last week, as an 8th grader, he tried out for next year's Shawnee Mission South Jazz Band - and made it. Realize, the South band is the largest in the district and has a TON of trumpet players. It's rare to make the jazz band as a freshman so this is quite an accomplishment. Way to go Jonathan!

Most all of the ice has melted off the path. All that remains is patches that are in the shade of bridges and the like. I took the opportunity this morning to really push myself and cut four minutes of my normal time, bumping my recent average MPH from 11.6 to 14.0. It was a pleasure to be able to just keep riding rather than having to slow down or stop to walk across the ice.


amidnightrider said...

Congratulation to your son. Music is also great for developing other subjects. I'll bet he is good at math too.

Warren T said...

Correct. He has an older brother who is also an incredible musician and has wicked, mad, ninja math skills. First semester of his freshman year at college they put him in Calc 3. He aced it which also gave him credit for an A in Calc 1 and 2 without my having to pay for it. 12 credit hours for the price of 4.

amidnightrider said...

I was a math major and when I coached soccer at a local high school I loved to go into the advanced calculus class and ask the following.

You and two of your friend order two pizzas. How much does each person get, to share equally?

I would then let the questions begin and smile. How many peices, how big a pizza etc.