Monday, March 19, 2007

Kids Gone Wild

Spring Break and I've decided to take the week off since my kids are all out of school this week. I was hoping we would have some of the gorgeous weather of the last couple of weeks so we could go to the zoo, take some bike hikes, hang out at the park, etc. Well, here is the forecast:

So, looks like I'll get to spend some time listening to how bored the kids are. There are a few indoors activities I had planned so the week won't be wash.

I wanted to go to the Liberty Memorial, the only museum dedicated solely to World War I. It was recently reopened and is said to be a wonderful experience for all ages. The people that I know who have been say it is extremely cool.

Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit. Carolyn has done some of the lighting for the exhibit and says that it could have been called the Dead Sea Post-it Notes exhibit as the fragments on display are about that size. I still want to see them and don't want the kids to miss out on the opportunity to say they've seen them as well.

I'm not going to get too discouraged; the forecast is really only accurate about 4 hours out. I hope, I hope, I hope.


Noah said...

Just don't take your bike to Liberty Memorial after dark while trying to take photos. They'll think you're a grifter and try to detain you... until you hop on your bike and outrun the rent-a-cops.

That's the part of the story I didn't tell in this post!

This week's going to be a liquid bummer (literally) if the forecast holds true. Hey, at least you won't feel committed to ride in this stuff!

amidnightrider said...

There is always that fancy coffe shop you guys hang out. A little expresso would do wonders for the kids. he he.