Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The International Space Station

How very cool! I made it home in time to walk in the door, tell Curtis to put a coat on and walk out in the back yard. We looked up in the sky and there it was. The International Space Station, just as bright as could be. I'm so glad we had clear skies tonight.

When we went to the cosmosphere a couple weekends ago, they told us about a web site where you can plug in your location and get the best times to go out to see the ISS. Check it out at Heavens-above.com


Noah said...

Do you have a telescope? I've gotten to peer at ISS with my Meade ETX-70AT. It's amazing with the naked eye or binocs... but you really should see it with even a modest scope.

Warren T said...

Good idea. One of the boys has a telescope somewhere in the garage. Next time I will hopefully have a couple extra minutes and we'll give it a try. Man, that thing moves fast though!