Tuesday, February 03, 2009

G'Day for a ride

Temperature at departure = 10° F (-12° C)

Nice ride in this morning. Not another living creature out on the path. Still, I'm getting pretty tired of the cold. Just a few more days and I get a break; I'm headed to Sydney where it is summer! I thought I had planned things so that I'd have Saturday to recover from the 33 hour trip and then could actually see some of Sydney (and hopefully find somewhere to rent a bike), but as it turns out, I'll get there Sunday morning and will need the day to recover so I can jump into training bright and early Monday morning.

So, I'm scheming, trying to come up with a rationalization for buying or renting a bike for transport between the motel and office that would make sense to the powers that be. Had I been renting a car it would have been a no-brainer; but I was planning on walking the half mile to the office and back every day. So, regardless, I'll get some exercise in the nice summer weather next week...

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