Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Decisions, Decisions

70° this morning with a chance of some rain today – I decided to go ahead and ride the bike in. Like I said, beautiful morning and although I’m taking my time, I’m pushing just a little bit more than I have the last couple of weeks because it isn’t as hot and I wanted to cut a little time off my commute. I pass the same elderly lady that I see every morning at the same point and we wave and smile at each other and say “good morning.” Life is good; I make the turn at the turn-about by the Convention Center and head toward Metcalf when it happens: some other cyclist PASSES ME.

To be fair (to me) the guy has those professional cyclist legs and is cranking along in the highest gear. Still, some competitive streak in me seems, somehow, offended by his audacity. I bump up to the next rear sprocket and then it hit me – I’m not in a race, I’m enjoying my ride in. I drop back a gear and coast while he is peddling like crazy. I relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the ride in. Passed another deer that was grazing within 10 yards of my path. Cool.

A couple radio links from the past couple days:

Sprint offering major league baseball games on some of their phones for $5.99 per month. How will this impact sports radio stations in the future? Tough to say, but worth watching.

"A Short, Yet Provocative Treatise on a Possible Future for Music Radio"
Yes, it is a bit of a pitch for their own research company services, but still -- well worth the read.

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