Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Temperature at departure = 7° F (-14° C)

That is a new record low departure temperature! Beat last year's record of 8° set on January 30th. My eyes were a bit cold the first mile and a half, but after that I stayed pretty comfortable following my guidelines - with the addition of the plastic bag corners between the pairs of socks and the ear muffs over the balaclava.

The XYZ bike worked like a charm again with the only slipping occurring on a sheet of smooth ice. I have to admit that the drive train got a little sluggish in the 7° temps ... but what do you expect? It's a $100 bike in sub-freezing temperatures.

Oh yeah, since I've taken a couple days off: Happy New Year!

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SiouxGeonz said...

Good on ya!
Two degrees here. Wickers and long john and some other layer on top and then two jackets. Similar on the bottom but two pairs of socks instead of one.
Ski goggles which were good in the headwind (at the airport, 18 mph - not that bad through campus). Headwind also good for getting heat generated before I got cold :D
No record though. Just nippy ...