Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow Day

Temperature at departure = 11° F (-12° C)

I hope they closed school today because of the cold temperatures, not because of the 2 to 3 inches of snow. Still, the kids are pumped and will, I'm sure, be out playing in the weather that is too nasty for them to go to school in.

I've already been out playing in the snow (as I like to call this kind of commute by bicycle). Stayed warm the whole way in. Had to get off and walk a couple of times and, man, was my heart pounding by the time I'd gotten the XYZ bike carried upstairs and into the kitchen to drip all over the floor (yes, yes, I'll clean it up in a few minutes). My arms can feel a difference as well. My bike computer and spreadsheets may say that I burned the same amount of calories as a normal ride ... but I beg to differ.


Noah said...

Not sure what kind of computer tells you how many Calories you melted off, but I can guarantee you it's nothing but a shot-in-the-dark guess unless it takes your weight into account AND (this is the important part) it monitors your heart rate.

Warren T said...

There are some out there that do just that ... but not mine (hence the spreadsheet). I use a guesstimate based on average MPH, time and weight.