Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Go The Extra Three Miles

Temperature at departure = 11° F (-12° C)

Curtis and I on our way to school this morning. Yes, he is tough and rugged. [His backpack weighs more than mine too.]

Truth be told, I like to ride my bike because I enjoy it -- not because I have to. So it was today that our family with two cars and three drivers (four when Peter is home from KSU) left me with no other option than to ride. I don't know why that takes some of the fun out of it, but it does. I found a remedy though; Instead of taking the direct route, I added the loop with three additional miles. It made all the difference.

I got several benefits out of the additional miles. I've still got at least one review of the XYZ Bike to do for CommuteByBike and I needed to get a ride longer than 3.5 miles in. I doubled that today. I also got an additional two chuckles and one laugh out loud. I stayed warm up until the last half mile -- then my toes started to feel the chill a bit. Not bad, I could just tell it was cold. Here is a shot of the XYZ in action on the path this morning.


dvicci said...

You're more Man than I. I'll hear no more quips about being a "wimp" from you. I, on the other hand, wimped out handily this morning. Saw the temp at 9 when I woke up, and after yesterday morning's ride, and the rides the night before, just couldn't stomach the idea of frigid air. So... yeah, I drove. I've got to be home early this afternoon, so it works out (kinda), but the main reason was a high wimp factor for the morning.

Aside from that, I think it's fantastic that you get out and ride with your kids. Absolutely fantastic.

Warren T said...

With as many miles as you've put in this month? Dude, you deserve a day off now and then.