Thursday, January 31, 2008

Retail Fun

Temperature at departure = 30° F (-1° C)

I took Jonathan to the Toon Shop for his trumpet lesson last night and was told that they had finally gotten "Blue Juice" valve oil in. I'd never thought about it before this morning, but I could have gotten in cheaper on Amazon and not had to wait the month we've been waiting.

Anyway, I went upstairs and there were two kids behind the counter, one sitting down reading and another, who I've never seen there before, who asked me if he could help me. "I see there [pointing directly behind him] that you've got Blue Juice in. Can I get a bottle?" He turns and starts scanning the shelves ... they're in a big display right in front of his face. Nothing. He is just looking around. I try to be helpful "Blue Juice valve oil..." Nothing. He's now just standing there looking off into space. I probably should have kept my mouth shut, but "It's blue..." [pause] "...and it's juice."

The other gal finally got off her chair, walked around, grabbed a bottle 12 inches in front of the guy's nose and handed it to him. He then said:

"I'm leaving after this."

Oh well, now he knows.

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