Friday, January 25, 2008

Dropping Off

Today was one of the rare days that I had to drive Curtis to school and drop him off at the same time everyone else was dropping off their kids. May I just pause to say:


[takes breath]


[pauses to take pulse]


I don't care if the weather next week resembles the last part of the movie Day After Tomorrow ... we are back on our bikes!

Contrast that with the way the 16 to 18 year olds arrive and leave the parking lot at our high school. For some reason, they take turns! There is no announcement, nothing in the student manual, nothing on the web-site, no one directing traffic, no signs or signals ... regardless of their having the right of way, they simply take turns.

The blue lines show how far back traffic usually is in the morning trying to get into the parking lot. Sure, it takes a while, but it all flows smoothly. Same with the red lines when they're trying to get out of the parking lot ... one car at a time, they take turns.

Now, when adults are trying to get into the lot for football games, concerts, etc. -- it is an absolute nightmare. I tend to stay a while and let the madness subside before I leave when adults are driving.


A Midnight Rider said...

Traffic is so much easier when most agree to take turns. Once is begins it usually takes on a life too. That is until a couple of knuckleheads decide, "not me".

gwadzilla said...

I seldom do drop off
it is just easier for my wife to do drop off
as she drives to work
and I walk the dog then ride my bike

both of us park two short city blocks from the school when we do drop off

while the other cars fight for that last space

we would ride bikes

but the city streets are no place for a six year old and a three year old
oh... not to mention the climb to get there is more than I could handle without a can of Red Bull