Saturday, January 26, 2008

Library Run

Temperature at departure = 33°

It was a sunny and (finally) warm day today. I found a little time at 10 this morning to ride to the library to pick up a movie they were holding for me. The place was packed but I was the only one taking advantage of the rock star parking known as the bicycle rack.

I got to the counter and the e-mail they sent saying that Johnny English was waiting for me was premature. "It must be in the back or on the truck still. I'm really sorry." I think that the gal was actually sorry because I'd ridden my bike there for no good reason. Actually, the trip was more an excuse to get out and ride since the rest of the day has been spent running kids to lessons, going to Katie's play and to Curtis' basketball game.

Speaking of Katie's play, she did a wonderful job as the quirky, Dutch psychic. She the second on the right...

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