Thursday, January 03, 2008

Yet Another Bobcat

Temperature at departure = 16° F (-9° C)

What a difference 9 degrees makes. Never really felt cold this morning during my bicycle commute in Overland Park. Missed seeing a rather nasty 3 or 4 car smash up on the Antioch bridge over 435. If I would have left 15 seconds earlier I would have been able to be a witness. Hope everyone was okay, but I have a bad feeling about the SUV that took out the light pole.

As I crossed the bridge where I saw the animal tracks last week I spotted the bobcat that lives in that area. Not the biggest I've seen on the trail but still big enough that I took a few glances back for a bit... I've added it to my bobcat map.

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I know I've left one or two sitings off (because I forgot about this map until this morning). No other wildlife out and about on the way to work, but the cat didn't look that fat. Hmmm.

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