Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Grumpy II

1) I was awakened by my work Blackberry at 4 a.m. and again at 4:30 to work through support issues with a couple different radio stations with guys who had to have it explained, in detail, how to find the * key. Usually, when I ask someone to type an asterisk and hear a pause, all I have to do is say "Shift and the number 8." Not this time. Anyway, by the time I was done it was 05:20 and the dogs were now fully awake -- so I stayed up and worked on clearing the kitchen counters.

2) The combination of sprinkles, the forecast for rain and a number of errands that need to be run this afternoon have conspired to keep me from riding my bike today.

3) It is a gray, rainy morning.

I am grumpy.

Yesterday was nice, however ... took Peter back to K-State and being on campus always brings back some good memories. Here's hoping we all have a better day. [Grabs coffee cup and Pop-tarts package and heads for work's kitchenette.]


dvicci said...

Don't you just love tech support calls? It never (evar) ceases to amaze me how otherwise intelligent people can become completely stupid when placed in front of a keyboard.

Too bad about the riding today... Anymore, if I don't ride, I hate life for the day.

At 6:20 this morning, it was only barely drizzling here and there. It's coming down much better now.I'll be sure to post about it this afternoon when I'm done fighting it myself.

karen said...

I stood outside this morning at 7 am, the last possible minute I can make the "Bike or Car" decision. Staring up towards the winter sky, like many winter mornings, I kept going back and forth. Bike... no, car... no, bike... then I noticed the sprinkles and decided on the car. When I got to work, someone asked me if this was a new car. (We've had it 5 years). No, I just so seldom drive it that some people don't recognize it.
Looks like it might not be bicycle weather for a few days here in Kansas City.