Friday, January 11, 2008

Right Back At'cha, Sport

Temperature at departure = 23° F (-5° C)

As I rode by one of the buildings in Corporate Woods this morning, two guys standing outside in their shirt-sleeves, smoking, look over at me. "That guy's crazy," says one to the other.

Um, yeah. You've got your addiction, I've got mine.


dvicci said...

Classic! Could be straight out of a Far Side cartoon.

karen said...

I enjoyed my ride this morning. I wondered why I passed a line of cars about a half mile long stopped completely as I zipped passed them on the sidewalk (I ride on the sidewalk on this one very busy street), and it turns out there was a sheet of ice that was preventing any of them from getting up the hill. I guess they all turned around. (Not easy on a two lane street.) I got to work so fast this morning... only had to deal with one tiny ice patch.
Yesterday was interesting, riding home in the afternoon snow/sleet. I needed ski goggles!

Noah said...

If "crazy" is the worst thing you get called this year, I think you'll be doin' alright.