Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New Record

Temperature at departure = 8° F (-13° C)

Windchill -8° F (-22° C). I was all set to just drive today, and then I saw it. Driving one of my sons to school, there it was up ahead -- the fluorescent yellow jacket of another bicycle commuter. I debated with myself all the way home. The winning argument was that if I didn't ride today I would miss my target miles for the month by 4.5 miles - and - this would be a new record low temperature for my ride in. So, I rode in. Interesting observation: my bike computer doesn't like temperatures under 12°F - at the end of the ride the display became weak and sluggish.

On the way in the door, a guy stopped and said "Brave soul." I replied with "It IS brisk." The good news, I wasn't ever really cold. It is all about the layers people.


Noah said...

Congrats. It was a crisp and windy 6 degrees this morning in Olathe. The secret is definitely layers of clothing, and using prior experience to dress appropriately.

I find I have the most comfortable winter rides when my legs and core get just a tad chilly in the time between stepping outside and hopping on the saddle (30 seconds or so). I know that if I stop pedalling and coast, I will cool off a bit, and if I hammer it, I'll be able to get nice and roasty.

If I don't feel the cool when I go outside, I'm layered too thick. If I feel bone-chilled within a few seconds, my knees will stiffen up and I'll never get warm.

A Midnight Rider said...

It really is all about layers, isn't it.
We haven't got the bitter weather here near Boston yet. Early morning commute has been in the mid to upper 20's. A little warmer for the home leg.

Noah has hit the mark nicely with his comment about the legs stiffening up, when we do get chilled.

Fritz said...

A winter cyclist I know likes to freak his coworkers out by walking into his work place with a popsicle.

Warren T said...

8^) Thanks for the tip... [Adding popsicles to the grocery list - I've got ice cream bars but don't think they'd have the same effect]