Saturday, January 06, 2007


Temperature at departure = 44° F (7° C)

That’s my youngest, “driving in traffic” this morning.

It is such a beautiful sunny day I just had to get out on the bike and run some errands and make up for the not so wonderful ride home last night.

The precipitation that was supposed to hold off until 8 p.m. started around 5:30. I didn’t get to leave the office until 6:20 and the mist was pretty heavy. Let’s see, what else was there about the ride… Oh, my rear red blinky light went out at some point, my headlight batteries started going out and the “temporary route” through the construction on Antioch was full of construction debris – wet, gloppy debris. The traffic that I encountered seemed to feel that it was a lousy evening as well and were happy to let me know how I was contributing to the beginning of their weekend.

Thanks to Fritz over at for including me in his list of favorite blogs. His has been at the top of my list of bike blogs to check daily. I’ll try to get some time to put my list together, but since the Chiefs aren’t doing so well against the Colts at the moment, I’m going to go take down the Christmas lights.


Fritz said...

Rain too early, lights fail, nasty road surface... I know the feeling :-)

Eric said...

Hey man, great blog. Hope you don't mind I pimped it over at KCBike.Info