Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Mac Deer

Temperature at departure = 29° F (-2° C)

As I write, there are 10 deer outside my office window. Yeah, pastoral -- that is until you're riding home in the dark through their territory. I learned something the other night that I'll share with you now: Whitetail Deer are Mac users. I have anecdotal evidence.

The other night as I was riding through the woods whistling; I do this to give critters advance notice that I'm heading their direction. For some reason I was whistling the 7 note Windows startup sound over and over. I crossed my narrow bridge and I see a deer in a clearing about 20 yards off. I kept whistling because, like I said, there is a herd here. The deer's head snapped to attention, tail went up and it bolted. At the same time two deer in the woods beside me crashed deeper into the woods. So there you are, deer don't like Windows.


Fritz said...

Okay, Warren, you're stretching a little here :-)

Deer flee in terror at the sound of Windows because they know what's good for them, regardless of their OS X operation or not ;-)

Fritz said...

(Oh, I'm posting this from a PC running Windows XP from my desk at Sun Microsystems)