Saturday, January 13, 2007


I didn't ride to work yesterday. I kinda felt bad about that -- even with the light freezing drizzle in the morning, maybe. But, turns out I made the right decision; we left the office early to finish the day from home. Nasty road conditions and more on the way today.

From OP Bike Path ...

Here is my rationalization; if you look carefully you might notice something is missing from this photo: tire tracks. I rode my bike out of the garage to see how my slicks would actually work on the ice and ... no tire tracks. Folks, I'm around 200 lbs., there should be tire tracks.

Anyway, I'm hoping that I can make up for not riding by jumping some rope. Now, if I can only find my old track cleats.


Noah said...

Don't feel too bad. Although I love the snow, it wasn't exactly easy for me to make myself get out in it. Once I was on the ice, I was having fun though!

Just remember, neither snow nor ice can change the laws of physics. Your wheels are still oversized gyros keeping you helmet-side-up. Of course, it helps that I have big knobby tires on my bad-weather bike.

I wouldn't blame anyone for staying inside and using the trainer or jumping rope. Bike commuting doesn't work too well with broken bones. Nice Trek, BTW.

Fritz said...

You want my studded tire? It's a 26" x 1.95 Nashbar branded tire. I had it mounted on the front of my MTB for snow days when I lived in Colorado. Don't need it here in California anymore.