Thursday, January 11, 2007


Temperature at departure = 51° F (11° C)

Too bad I dressed like it was 30°...

Okay, I had to jump on the media bandwagon and use the word SURGE. If you haven't noticed, there has been a, um, surge in the use of 'surge' lately. (I hereby promise to never use that as a joke again). But I had to follow up on yesterday's post, having riden the same path this for this morning's commute. I have no way of knowing if my e-mail to the Manager of Parks and Forestry for OP had anything to do with it, but there was a surge, nay, a flurry of activity on the path this morning. I passed three two-man crews at different problem areas along the way with all kinds of heavy equipment clearing - or - having cleared the path. The result was a smooth ride in. I owe Greg a huge thank you this morning.

Looks like our run of nice weather runs out tonight so I'll probably chicken out tomorrow and hitch a ride in. If that is the case I can always get my bicycle fix HERE. (If they'd only used squirrels instead of teddy bears...)

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