Tuesday, January 23, 2007

News Yin and Yang

It's been 12 days since the boys and I have been out on our bikes. I say this because, once again, just when it looks like all of this stuff will melt off around Friday -- the long range forecast is for another round of sleet/ice/snow this coming Saturday. I am going to trust in the fact that most of these long range forecasts don't pan out. Anyway, we're going a little stir crazy.

Yesterday morning's TV news show had a story about how a proposal which would cost around $26 million would provide free bus rides to school for students living one mile away from school. Of course, timing is everything; I believe the last time the proposal was made, the weather was a bit nicer. This time they wait for the couple of weeks that we have to deal with the winter slop. Sure, I may be getting a little tired of having to run the boys to school and back -- but it's something we're willing to do for the week or two a year that it is necessary.

So, same time, same channel this morning they run a story about how they're trying to find ways to stop the spread of obesity in our school kids. Um, I've got an idea...

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Noah said...

I laughed. There were no buses in small-town Nebraska. My bike was my trusty steed for everything from school, to dirt jumping.

Too bad it took me more than ten years (and almost 100 pounds) to re-discover it, once I got my driver's license.

Spring isn't too far away. Keep your eyes on the prize. Hopefully things clear up soon.