Friday, September 11, 2009

Tried the trail again...

I'm starting to get some more time back in front of the computer again. New Podcast is updated HERE.

Last weekend I was home from a trip to Dallas where I'd picked up a sinus thing that really knocked me out. I went for a 15 mile ride on Saturday and spent Sunday in bed. Monday was Labor Day and I took a 5 mile ride that knocked me out for the rest of the day. Tuesday morning I decided to try for 10 miles. Even though I've been harping recently about staying of the Indian Creek Trail bike path, I just didn't want to face the hills I encounter out on the road -- so, I headed out on the trail.

Closing on 435 & Roe, I reached the Fox Hill detour seen here.

Here is a better shot of the sign which shows the proposed finish date for the project as July 2009.

And here is the detour...

So I headed back out on the road to finish the 10 miles.

Things I don't miss about the trail:

Walnuts, spider webs, leaf covered slick spots, puddles, poodles (any dog, really), groups of joggers and novice cyclists.

Things I don't like about riding on the street:

Have a good weekend and get out and ride.

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John said...

You forgot *cars*.