Saturday, November 03, 2007

Writers Strike = Good Opportunity

Movie and television writers are set to begin their strike on Monday. Works for me; I've got plenty of other things to do. I was talking to my good buddy John the other day -- about how I tried to find a movie at the theater or a DVD to watch for the last few weekends and realized that there wasn't anything out that I wanted to see. TV? The only show I might miss is The Office, and I promise to be patient.

Here would be my suggestion to the writers: Make good use of this time. If you write for ER, volunteer at a hospital and see what really goes on. I haven't watched your show in years. John tells me that this season is season 3 -- just with different actors...

If you write for a cop show, try to go on a ride-along.

If you write for a sitcom, I don't have any good suggestions for you. All I ask is that you not try to come up with another poorly disguised Friends rip-off or some sort of American version of an English hit (sorry Office).

There are all kinds of stories out there. Do us and yourself a favor and get out there and find some.


Fritz said...

I haven't owned a TV since I moved away from my parents in 1984. My downfall recently, however, has been TV shows streamed on the Internet. I really really like NBC's "Journeyman" but I've always been a fan of time travel fiction.

zero said...

what about HDTV? tv shows on DVDs do rule though.. Great to see another commuter via bicycle.

A Midnight Rider said...

Last night I turned on the tv a little after 10. By 10:30 it was off again. I check the three PBS stations, travel chanel, then Bravo. One stations shows Frazier reruns and I will occasionally watch that.

I do spend a lot of time reading at night or listening to music on the radio. WMVY from Martha's Vinyard.