Friday, November 30, 2007

They've Grown Accustomed to My ... Helmet

Temperature at departure = 30° F (-1° C)

When I used to travel a lot, I always knew I'd been on-site too long when the people at Starbuck's would greet me by name as I walked in the door. You knew you'd been on-site WAY TOO LONG if they also engaged you in their small talk about last night's TV shows, etc. One time in Florida (can't remember which city at the moment) it was to the point that they'd be setting a Grande Peppermint Mocha with my name on it up on the counter as I walked in the door.

But I digress. Yesterday I took the day off so I could run some errands for myself and for my Dad. As I stopped by the rehab hospital and got on the elevator, a nurse I don't recall ever seeing there before came up to me and said "You didn't ride your bike today?" We had a nice chat on the ride up about the advantages of hybrids over road bikes and vice versa. So I've gone from the "You rode your bike?!?!?" stage to it being considered odd if I don't walk in the door with my helmet in my hand.

103rd & Metcalf Crosswalk Update:

They were moving the big pile of dirt this morning. That can only mean that the other construction material will be moved soon and the crosswalk swept clean for pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy.

1, 2, 3...

Hahahahahahahahahahhaha. Right.


Fritz said...

Ah, so the folks at the hospital talk about you. :-)

A Midnight Rider said...

Is 103rd torn up?