Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Warren Identity

Temperature at departure = 51° F (11° C)

Last night was one of those nights that any parent can relate to. My house was more of a cabstand than home -- a base of operations, if you will. The plan was:

  • 18:20 leave home to get Curtis to basketball practice at 18:30
  • 18:35 leave practice to run by and see Dad
  • 19:15 leave Dad to head home to pick up Jon
  • 19:20 leave home to pick up Curtis
  • 19:35 leave practice and head to music lessons
  • 20:00 leave the boys at their lessons and run an errand for Dad
  • 20:30 pick up boys and go to library
  • 20:50 leave library and head home

I'd been thrown two curve balls before walking out the door but got Curtis to practice on time. I headed off to see Dad, but somewhere between 99th and 105th I just fazed out. I snapped out of it at 105th realizing I should have taken a left at 103rd. No biggie, but it reminded me of a day a few years ago that I not only fazed out about where I was going -- I swear I had a 15 second bout of full on amnesia.

I had been sitting at an intersection a couple blocks from my house when the light turned green. I pulled through the intersection and suddenly had no idea of where I was. Really, I couldn't recognize anything and couldn't even figure out what city I was in, or what city I was supposed to be in for that matter. I'm talking a complete blank. I pulled to the side of the road in a panic and tried to remember, well, anything. A couple of seconds later I remembered I had kids and that I was going on an errand or something for them. Focusing on the kids brought everything back pretty quickly, but that was an incredibly scary and weird 15 seconds. It hasn't happened since so I'm not too worried about it. Besides, I've now taken the precaution of having a lazer pointer thing installed in my hip...


Noah said...

If this series of events was part of a season of 24, you would have had almost a month to pull it off.

Warren T said...

Hmmmm. Considering that it only takes 5 minutes to drive anywhere in L.A. -- it would only take a minute or two in Overland Park... Eh, two episodes, max.

Still, I WAS tempted to utter Jack's catch phrase when I realized I'd overshot the intersection...