Monday, November 12, 2007


Temperature at ... oh, wait, I didn't ride my bike today.

...come to think of it, I didn't ride a bike at all this weekend. When I got home Friday night Curtis asked me to ride with him up to school because a buddy had asked him to spend the night and bring his bike. Off we rode making it to school well in advance of the time he actually needed to be there. After the friend's dad pulled up in his pickup and we got the bike loaded in I saddled up to ride home and, once again, I had a flat on the Mendota.

I had time over the weekend to deal with it -- but didn't.

I've still not gotten new tires. I'm taking the advice that a couple of you have given and am ordering a set of Michelin Transworld City tires. Tonight I will take the two front tires and combine them as a mismatched set on one of the bikes to get me through.

[Having now corrected the many words I wrote kinda backwards, I will admit to some Monday morning, not enough coffee, bike-free commute dislexia and just post... Tomorrow will be a better day.]

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